Facilitating the transition to a green economy

Our mission is to build a circular economy by catalyzing dialogue and developing innovative collaboration models between private sector committed to creating a social and environmental impact. We work with investors, finance professionals, SMEs, and start ups to accelerate circular economy development in emerging markets.

EECA Sustainable Banking Initiative


We create and provide access to sustainability-related content in order to promote sustainable banking standards and ESG criteria in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. From e-books and reports to webinars, blog posts and interviews, we offer knowledge that will will help the financial sector, particularly banks, incorporate ESG criteria into their investment decisions so that natural capital is managed more effectively.


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We help companies transition to green operations, from developing a strategy to managing the full transformation.

Training and Development

We offer online and in-house training sessions to help businesses adopt sustainability principles.

Sustainable Finance Forum


The goal of Sustainable Finance Forum is to catalyze investments for sustainable infrastructure and development in the EECA region, through innovative financing models. The first edition of SusFinForum took place in Yerevan, Armenia on 22-23 May, 2019 and brought together over 150 participants including impact investors, banks, microfinance institutions, consulting companies, startups and SMEs.


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News and Insights

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We work with investors, financiers, project developers, SMEs, and startups committed to accelerating circular economy development in emerging markets.