Green Finance in EECA Countries 


From May to August 2021 we conducted the "Green Finance in EECA Countries" survey among financial institutions operating in the region and interested in the development and practice of green financing tools. This report features the perception of key challenges and drivers of green finance development and adoption in EECA region.

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Sustainability Bonds in EECA Countries 


The sustainable bond market has been growing exponentially in the past years. In 2020 only a record $700bn of Green, Social & Sustainability bonds were issued, reaching the sustainable debt market to USD1.7tn. Recently the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asian markets started making use of the instrument, with the first movements in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

This report presents a list of 8 sustainability bonds already issued in the region.

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       Solar PV Brief Armenia


Armenia has significant solar energy potential with 1720 kWh of an average annual amount of solar energy flow per square meter of a horizontal surface. Recent years have been especially exciting for the utility-scale solar PV segment. Our recent report presents key facts about solar PV energy in Armenia, the recent developments as well as the list of the biggest operational PV plants in Armenia.  

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Green Bonds in EECA Countries


Green bonds as financial instruments are growing around the world, however it is a new instrument in EECA region at the moment. From the global growth to specific green bond examples in Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan, this report introduces to green bond concept for EECA countries.

The report is available in Russian language.

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  Comprehensive Report

      Impact Funds & Programs       in EECA Countries


Today, similar to many other regions in the world, the EECA region is going through a transition towards a more sustainable and greener economy. From funding renewable energy and energy efficiency to financial inclusion. We compiled a list of over 20 funds and programs that aim to create a social and environmental impact in the region of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. 

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