Building a green and circular economy together

Practice what you preach!

The transition towards sustainability begins from the adoption of eco-efficiency practices.

What are the eco-efficiency practices?


Eco-efficiency practices are actions and initiatives directed at optimizing resource usage across banks’ premises and value chain. Most eco-efficiency practices address efficient resource use including electricity, water, paper, and waste management. These also include energy self-consumption and powering operations by solar photovoltaic panels.

Why is it important for your bank?


Focusing on resource efficiency will not only reduce the bank’s carbon footprint but will cut costs and make a positive impact on the bottom line. Banks can leverage their in-house environmental expertise into new financing opportunities. Investing in eco-efficiency practices is also an excellent way to strengthen the brand and reputation.


How can we help your bank adopt eco-efficiency practices?


We help banks to evaluate their resource usage and recommend the most impactful and efficient solutions. From developing an eco-efficiency strategy to supporting our customers with strategy implementation including procurement support, marketing and communications, we will help your bank to cut costs, reduce carbon footprint and make a positive social and environmental impact.

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