Capacity building for sustainable development

Sustainable financing is a global trend that is quickly evolving with growing demand from stakeholders ranging from employees and customers to investors. Banks as capital providers are in an influential position to steer the private sector to integrate the environmental and social aspects into their business models.

What we offer


Sustainable practices range from providing financial instruments to promoting the development of sustainable projects, implementing sustainable procurement and resource efficiency to integrating environmental and social risk management systems. These actions will provide a competitive advantage and present a business opportunity with a huge pipeline of potential demand for the banks. To facilitate the transition to green banking Greenpact provides capacity building to improve the technical understanding of banks about sustainable finance and close the knowledge gap for the banking industry to seize the green finance opportunities.

What we deliver


We deliver tailor-made training programs based on the needs of the bank. Also, by collaborating with the best experts and partners in the industry we have developed both online and on-site training programs focusing on:

  • Principles of sustainable banking
  • Renewable energy finance (RE)
  • Energy efficiency finance (EE)
  • Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles in the investment decision-making process and impact assessment
  • Environmental and social risk management and implementation of risk management systems
  • Green and social impact bonds

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